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ICRT- Hult Prize Foundation interview 1


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#Taiwan Second Hand shopping

If you're wondering how it is to buy second hand in Taiwan, I hope this post will give you a better insight into the topic.
Why shop second hand? Starting off, why do we buy second hand? Second hand products purchases are an alternative option to buying brand new products at the store. Most of us do that to avoid the high commission margin the retail stores are clocking in. It is not uncommon for goods to lose 30% of value at the moment of leaving the dealership, especially luxurious goods like cars. Therefore, second hand goods are usually the much-cheaper option for many of us. We buy second hand: cars, clothes, electronics, home appliance, furniture... in general, durable goods. But once I moved to Taiwan, my world with regard to second-hand shopping got twisted around.
Second hand pricing in Taiwan To start with, the prices. In Taiwan, we often encounter second hand goods priced very similarly to new, or at least, with not as much a price difference as normally expected. The r…

#Entrepreneurship 10 rules of successful PowerPoint

Presentations are a daily struggle for many of us. Whether you are a student, a teacher, an entrepreneur, a researcher, or anyone else, there is a good chance you have to present something quite often. We are often provided with a computer, projector, a pointer (not always), and an audience who wants to be entertained. How you speak is another story, and will be covered in some other post. But what we always do for these presentations, is we prepare a PowerPoint to support our speech. I've seen many: at school, during my work with Hult Prize Foudnation, at conferences and meetings I attended. And sadly, hardly ever was the PPT what it should have been?

Why PowerPoint? Whether you use windows or Mac, or just stay on your mobile devices, like phones or tablets, you do use powerpoint. The file format is supported by all the major devices. It is a standard presentation format nowadays. Many are trying to take over the position of leading visual presentation format, such as Prezi, Goog…

#PersonalDevelopment How to choose the right school for you?

Hello there!

In today's post, we will talk a little bit in choosing the right educational path for yourself.

My sweet little sister, Zuzia, is facing a choice of a high school for herself, now graduating from secondary school.

Back in Poland, the educational system changed recently, from 6-3-3 (6 years elementary education, 3 years "gimnazjum"- secondary school, and 3 years of profiled high school) to 8-4 (8 years general elementary education plus 4 years profiled high school). This means that 15 years olds are asked to make decisions that will direct them for the rest of the life. Zuzia was lucky enough to be one of the last students to follow the old system.

In my opinion, the most important exam a Polish person takes is the one at the end of secondary school, not the maturity exam at the end of high school. Why? High school is the time of your life when you figure out who the hell you are. That is when our personalities are starting to become strong, firm, and directe…